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Seashell Macarons

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After going to the beach I’ve brought home a lot of seashells. They are all different sizes and shapes. I kept them in the glass in my kitchen and every time when I looked at them they remind me about good time we had that day. This gave me idea to make seashell macarons. These seashell macarons are made from one batch of macaron batter and filled with Swiss meringue buttercream.

seashell macarons

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How to make Seashell Macarons

seashell macarons

How to make macaron shells you can check my recipes here. I also have online video lesson how to make macaron shells using NO REST method. However method you are using, make one batch of macaron batter. One part of batter I left without food coloring and to another part I added 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder. I wanted to make very light brown color and cocoa powder worked perfect for it. You can also use any brown food coloring for it. When you mix dry ingredients with the meringue, transfer about half to other clean bowl and add cocoa powder or food coloring. Finish folding batter with the spatula to piping consistency. Transfer colored and not colored batter into one piping bag with round piping tip Wilton 12.

seashell macarons

I made printable template for seashell macarons. You can download, print and use to pipe macaron shells.

To make another seashell macarons I used Wilton 4B piping tip. The video you can check on my You Tube Chanel.

Tips for making Seashell Macarons

  • When piping shaped macarons it is better to keep macaron batter on the stiffer side, as it will loose up in the pipping bag from heat of your hands.
  • do not top the baking tray after piping seashell macaron shells. You need to have texture. If macaronage is already loose and you top the tray, you may end up with “pancake looking” shells.
  • if you are not comfortable with making two colors, try to pipe with just one color or no color at all.
  • use coupler in the piping bag to switch piping tips for more shapes.

Bake macaron shells according the recipe you are using. If you need to dry macarons before baking then do so. I like NO REST method for shaped macarons, as you ready to bake right after pipping.

seashell macarons

How to assemble

Pair macaron shells with similar sizes. Pipe Swiss Meringue Buttercream on flat side of the shell and sandwich with other shells. You can also use some other fillings, you can check here. Place filled macarons in air-tight container and refrigerate for 8-12 hours. Macarons needs to mature before you can enjoy them.

If you make these Seashell Macarons, please tag me on social media and make sure to leave rating down below. I would love to see your creations! Check also other recipes:

I also made template for mini seashell macaron shells.

seashell macarons

To serve seashell macarons I recommend with gluten free crumbs on the plate. Crumbs look like sand and give ocean vibe.

Happy Baking!


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