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Christmas Macarons Box 2022

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Christmas Macarons Box 2022 box is here! I want to share with you macarons that I made during Holiday season. Some of them are filled with my favorite fillings that recipes are posted already and some with new flavors. You will find links to recipes and tutorials down below.

Christmas Macarons Box 2022

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Green Christmas Tree Macarons

To make Green Christmas Tree Macarons you will need Wilton 12 pipping tip and green food cooloring for the shells. Start with pipping tree small rounds then two above and one on top. They all need to be connected. Do not top the tray with pipped macarons! If you are using rest method to make macaron shells, then let macarons to dry and then bake according the recipe. I used my no Rest Method. I piped macaron shells and baked (no topping the tray). Fill macaron shell with your favorite filling and place almond to look like a tree trunk. Decorate macarons with edible gold.

Green Christmas Tree Macarons

White Christmas Tree Macarons

The idea is almost the same as Green Christmas Tree Macarons, but using white food coloring for the shells and Wilton 4B Pipping tip. Do not top the tray with pipped macarons! I also used almond to make a tree trunk. These macarons where fun to make.

White Christmas Tree Macarons

Christmas Wreath Macarons

To make Christmas Wreath Macarons you will need Sultan pipping tip and green food coloring. I pipped one macaron shell with Sultan tip and another with regular round tip. After filling macaron I decorated macaron with fondant bow to look like a wreath.

wreath macarons

Reindeer macarons

To make Reindeer Macarons I use chocolate macarons shells recipe to make shells. And for the filling I used Coffee and Baileys recipe. To decorate Reindeer Macarons I used black and red royal icing.

reindeer macarons

Poinsettias Macarons

To make Poinsettias Macarons you need to devide macaronage and color one in green color. Using Wilton 352 pipping tip pipe poinsettias. Do not top the tray! Bake macaron shells as regular. Fill with favorite filling and decorate with edible gold.

poinsettias macarons

If you make any of these Christmas macarons, please tag me on social media and make sure to leave a rating down below. I would love to see your creations! More Christmas Macarons recipes you can check:

Christmas Macarons Box 2022

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